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Blue & White Cave House - Location

Located on the cliff side of the Caldera, the panoramic views from its patio are breathtaking , providing a perfect place to dine or simply relax and take in the beauty. Arrange for a romantic meal and renew your love vows with your other half enjoying the magnificent view to the Caldera! If you make -literally- 4 steps from the house you can see a beautiful little church, St Nicolas, built on a tiny island at Amoudi. You can swim and sunbathe there.

The house setting is unique and idyllic. Every minute of the day or night the house provides a magnificent view. It offers a panoramic view to one of the most spectacular sunrises in Greece. In the evening relax with the fabulous view of the Caldera together with a glass of Vinsanto. At night you will enjoy lying on the cushions on the terrace under the sparkling stars and also view the lights of the other cities on the top edge of the Caldera. This is the best way to end your day.

Indoors, the master bedroom and the living/dining room with the beautifully decorated walls, the fully equipped kitchen and the mosaic tiles in the bathroom will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

It is only 2 minutes walking distance from shops, restaurants, market, galleries, bus & taxi terminal and the Castle which is the famous "Sunset Point" of Greece. The three most known beaches in Oia are 5-10 minutes’ ride.
Directions to the property and keyholder
Directions to the property and keyholder
The village of Oia is located 15 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the port.

Upon your arrival in Oia, you are heading to the parking lot of the POST Office.

On your way to the Post office you will see a travel agency NSTravel on your right. You will also see a sign NAVY MUSEUM that will help you to get there. The POST Office is at the far end of the village where the road makes a sharp right turn and heads downhill noticeably. You should park somewhere there and you follow the road uphill on foot. You go up the road for 30 meters and you will see a little archway entry portal through the buildings to the main walkway of Oia.

After passing through the arch directly in front of you, there is a sign labeled MEDITERRANEAN FOOD. Next to it, there is ATLANTIS Bookshop. This will be our meeting point. Please call me two times: 1) when you arrive at the air/port of Santorini and 2) when you are at our meeting point.
Maria Economou's phone number: mobile (0030) 6977-645575).

How to get there

Looking forward to meeting you! Have a nice stay in Oia! Best regards, Maria
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