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map & Location - Oia, Santorini

SANTORINI PARADISE Cave houses are located in Oia, one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Oia is the town known for its beautiful cobblestone paths and staircases leading to a variety of beautiful boutiques and artisan shops, delicious restaurants and many exquisite opportunities for photographs. Oia's sunset is the sightseeing of Santorini!

A relaxing and jolly environment of our Oia cave houses, gives our guest the experience of the greek light and space!

As one gazes at the deep blue water of the Caldera he/she feels the calm breeze touch heart and soul in a unique way. One certainly gets a bird’s eye view watching the cruise boats as they sneak from the cape and follow the sun all the way from sunrise to sunset.
Don't miss the opportunity to experience the traditional Santorini's environment at our Oia cave houses.

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