Our beloved guest Aspyn Ovard writes about her impressions of a weekend in Santorini.


My friend Lauren and I took a trip to Greece for her spring break this week. Parker and his friends are in Germany for a few days and then we are all meeting in Paris at the end of the week.

I came to Santorini last year with my mom and Parker (we got engaged here!) and I am SO happy I got the chance to come back! We actually stayed in the same HomeAway rental as last year too (www.santoriniparadise.com).

The owner of the house, Maria, knows that we do YouTube and take pictures so last year we took some pictures for her and we did the same this year! She is the cutest Greek lady and we were laughing the whole time we were taking pictures cause we just love her! Lauren HATES having her picture taken but Maria wanted her to be in the photos too so we were cracking up, especially during the guitar pic because it was just so funny and not us (I don’t know how to play a guitar and Lauren would never attend a private guitar concert of mine because of that reason).

My favvvvvvorite thing in Santorini are the waffles from Vitrin Cafe! I always get strawberries and caramel sauce on mine. We ate them 3 times in 2 days!!!! We are in Mykonos now and it’s equally as beautiful as Santorini. I haven’t been here before so i’m excited to explore more!

I am so grateful Lauren and I got to come to Greece and we have had so much fun. Girls trips are so important!!!

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