Rating 5/5

This house is beautiful! If you are considering booking this reservation, I would recommend you go ahead and do so. The location is great. One of the big things of Santorini is watching the sunsets. The house has a terrace on top of it, with a sitting area and a flat cushioned area to lay down. You can relax, watch the sunset with your dinner. We had the best view! It was like having front row seats at a show. The house is also in close proximity to some must-see places: Ammoudi Bay, the church, blue domes, restaurants, mini market, post office, bus stop. The host: Maria is absolutely lovely and hospitable. Upon arrival, we had a bottle of wine, beverages, fruits, breakfast supplies. She came over to visit with us and gave recommendations on where to go , what we must see and how to get there. They were all very unique places. She responded to our needs whenever they came up. Also the staff were friendly and nice. Melina, the Housekeeping lady comes to clean everyday. She did a great job. Everyday after our outings, we returned to a clean house. Giannis carried our luggage from the taxi, down the steps and to the house. He showed us around the house and gave us information on how to enjoy the rexources provided. He helped us with opening the parasol. This house is comfortable. Cave design bathroom with supplies. The living area has a dining. The cushion was so comfortable! There is an additional area to lay on. It can double as a bed. The master bed has lace curtains which was beautiful and gave some privacy. (Traditional greek houses do not have doors.) The kitchen had a stove, microwave, dishes, drink ware, cookware. It had two cute stools to seat on and a basket of fruits to munch on, while preparing your food. The red bathtub. Beautifully shaped and deep enough to accommodate tall individuals. The bath was relaxing. Make sure to place the bathroom carpet next to the tub. Instructions are available for filling the tub. In high season, when there’s a lot of people in Oia, I found that taking a shower early in the morning or late at night gave me full water pressure from the shower head. There is a beautiful terrace at a different location close to the house. The hot tub is over there, with beautiful flowers, a place to seat, refrigerator. There is a patio with a beautiful view of the sun, sea and sky. The spiral stairs were cute and the bedroom upstairs was comfortable. In the room, there’s a little basket with a rope. You can use it to send things down stairs without having to go down the stairs. To use it, place your items in the basket, gradually lower the basket over the railing while holding onto the rope attached to it. Someone then receives the basket downstairs. Needless to say my children had fun sending little things like a belt, a pair of shoes, up or down the stairs. There is a wine cellar that doubles as a massage room or another room to relax and play games. Overall this house was just what we needed in Oia without breaking the bank. Note that the door of this house and opposite it are famous spots for photographs. You will find people taking pictures throughout the day. It didn’t bother me. I helped take pictures of a family with their two toddlers. Mom was trying her best to take a picture of her family at our door so I had to help them. After all, we’re all in Oia and we have to take pictures. I totally enjoyed my stay at Helios Cave!

Henrietta-Airbnb member