Santorini, an island so small you can easily explore, but so huge in breathtaking views and adventure possibilities that you will never forget.

Visit the volcanic island, be amazed by nature’s beauty, and walk up to the crater. Go ahead and continue your adventure on to the second volcanic island of Palea Kameni and swim inside the volcanic hot springs.

Make your own Instagram photo tour. Tour the Caldera and inland villages like Pyrgos and Emborio, relax and make a unique Instagram photo album for friends and family to enjoy. Santorini will reward you with a fantastic 360-degree view of unique scenery.

What about wine tasting? Santorini is famous for it 16 wineries which produce excellent unique tasting wines, mainly because of the volcanic soil and the Mediterranean climate. Visit Domaine Sigala in Oia and Santo Wines Winery for a wine tasting adventure with a unique view of Santorini.

Are you a history lover? Visit the incredibly preserved bronze age archaeological site and walk through a whole city that buried in ash after the 1627 BC volcanic eruption.   

Complete your Santorini adventure by visiting the wild colorful beaches. You can find a red, black or white beach. All of them are carved and shaped by the volcanic activity through Santorini’s violent history and are the perfect ending for your island tour.

You can engage in daily tours, excursions, sailing, diving, hiking, cycling and of course a million other activities in Santorini.

For sure you will find the one that suits your needs.