Notices about the properties

Water and shower: The water in Santorini is desalinated sea-water however it is drinkable. A special factory is built to take the salt out. Because of the kind of water, it takes more time to take soap away when you wash your hands and body. To take a shower, please turn the button of the water-heater ON. The water becomes hot in 5-7 minutes. As a safety precaution and conservation measure, it is important to turn the hot water heater breaker OFF before entering the shower (the electricity panel next to the entrance).
This is a common practice all over Greece.

Draining System: Because of the particular draining system in Santorini, please do not throw toilet paper in the toilet. There is a bin in the WC and the cleaning staff take care of the rubbish every day.
Though the house is curved in the rock (the traditional way to keep a house cool during the summer and warm in winter) there is air-conditioning and it is of appropriate performance for the dimensions of the house. When you turn it on, the windows should be closed. Please, turn it off when you leave the house for the day. During that time the windows should be open, because the house needs the fresh air from the sea.
There is also a machine that subtracts humidity. Please turn it on, when you leave the house to refresh the air. We will show you where the remote control of the air conditioning, the fan button for the humidity and the hot- water button are.
A small first aid kit is available. There are also emergency phone numbers to call.

At the patio: We suggest that you keep the parasol open only when you need it, otherwise it blocks the beautiful view and the strong winds may break it. When the weather is bad please take the mattresses and the cushions inside the house. If you leave them out when you are at the beach the wind will take them away or maybe dogs will want to sleep on them!

The underground cave room of PARADISE and HELIOS Cave houses are specifically for use by adults or children with adult supervision. Caution when entering and exiting. When entering the underground room, go down the ladder facing the ladder (as you would climb up the ladder) with both hands on the staircase handles. Management does not accept responsibility for guests who do not exercise caution. Your safety is your personal responsibility.

Not allowed:

  • Pets
  • Smoking
  • Sea Food cooking

Money and valuable items are owners’ exclusive responsibility

If something in the house is not to your satisfaction, please let us know. Your suggestions can help us run the house better and keep our guests pleased. We would appreciate your comments and opinion about the property and the area.

For any inconvenience please call or email us through our contact form