Mythos Taverna

MYTHOS is a traditional Greek grill house & tavern, located at the entrance of the beautiful village of Pyrgos. In a unique setting of a picturesque pebble-paved garden, sitting at [...]


In Fira

Highlander The Highlander Santorini is a unique Scottish bar powered by people who love Scotland and Santorini. It is open from 12.30pm every day, and has no closing time. During [...]


Eat / Cuisine

Katsouni It is a type of a very tasty cucumber. Courgette The round shape is its main feature. Watermelon It is small, dark, with many seeds. Santorini’s watermelon [...]



Beaches There are many exotic places to go swimming, sandy or with volcanic rocks, all over the island. One could go to Ammoudi, a very picturesque beach near Oia [...]