From the moment you reach this island, you fall in love with it over and over again in every step you take. Beautiful like a card postal, Santorini stores hidden beauties for you with vivid colors, dreamy gardens and charming views. Summer or winter, nighttime or daytime, come rain, come shine, this place is a wonderland in the middle of the sea lying under a velvet sky.

It’s all about architecture

What adds a special touch of taste to this beautiful place, apart from the landscapes and the sea, is its Cycladic architecture. Whitewashed houses and crystal white rooftops surrounded by colourful gardens and terraces, blue shutters shining underneath the golden sunrays and majestic neoclassical mansions come in perfect contrast with a volcanic scenery. Santorini’s Venetian characteristics with arches, vaults and colourful stairs that pop out of the blue, coexist in perfect harmony with the traditional Greek churches.

Beauty is in art

For art lovers and travelers who want to explore this side of the island, Santorini has a rich repertoire to offer. Art galleries exhibiting contemporary and traditional art can be found almost everywhere in Santorini including paintings, handmade sculptures and tasteful handcrafts. Authenticity, taste, elegance and vivid color combinations are some of the traits that make this kind of art something more than interesting.

A perfect spot

There’s a place in Santorini where art and architecture meet together creating the perfect place for art and architecture lovers. In Santorini Paradise Cave Houses each accommodation has a unique design and an artistic interior decoration with traditional furniture, original statues and tasteful paintings decorating the walls made by the owner, Maria, a Greek sculptor and painter. Colourful decoration makes a statement in every apartment, so whether you like pink, blue or white, you will find the right apartment for you.

Enjoy your stay in a paradise where everything feels like home!