Santorini has many natural wonders in store for its visitors. One of them, one of the island’s most popular attractions, is the famous hot springs under the shadow of the volcano. These hot springs are considered as one of the top destinations for healing activities around the world.

The temperature of these hot springs’ water is approximately 35 degrees Celsius, so bring along your bathing suit even if you visit Santorini during the winter! The healing waters contain sulfur, iron, manganese and other metallic elements which are beneficial for the skin, rheumatism, arthritis and other conditions. But the trip there holds many more exciting experiences; it is truly a unique adventure for all ages!

A boat or private sailing tour to the volcano and the hot springs is really a must if you want to experience the essence of Santorini: its volcanic nature. Both Palea and Nea Kameni literally emerged from the depths of the sea: they consist exclusively of lava. Nea Kameni was created circa 1570 AD and Palea Kameni circa 47 AD. At Nea Kameni, you can have the unparalleled experience of walking on the volcano: after a 20-minute walk in a lunar landscape, you will discover the volcano’s impressive crater, with gas emerging from its depths. Touch the ground to feel how warm it is! If you visit the area during the summer, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and a hat, and to have sunscreen and water with you. And, of course, a camera! The view of the exquisite villages hanging from the Caldera’s cliffs is really unbelievable.

At the islet of Palea Kameni, the wild landscape is impressive. The dazzling white of the small church which is dedicated to the protector of the seas, Agios Nikolaos, makes a stunning contrast to the red, black and blue of the earth and the waters. When approaching the area of the hot springs, the waters turn to a sparkling blue and then they become yellow! Leave your belongings on the boat and take a dive deep into these amazing waters. Feel the cold and warm currents softly caressing your skin. Swimming towards the shore, the warmth of the water gets more intense and the smell of the sulfur gradually fills your nostrils. Feel the mud in your hands and feet, and see the funny yellow color on your skin. The tickling caress that you may assume that comes from some little fish accidentally passing by, is actually created by the dance of hundreds of tiny bubbles struggling to reach the surface!  Then, on the way back, you won’t believe the feeling of relaxation in your body and soul! For such a spa treatment, one has to pay a lot of money, but in Santorini, nature offers it generously!

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