Santorini is an explosion of the senses, a feast for the soul. One of the most photographed islands of the world, famous for its breathtaking vistas of the Caldera, the romantic, magnificent sunsets from Oia, its unique cave houses carved into the volcano rocks, its picturesque villages hanging from the cliffs and so many more – Santorini is one of the top summer destinations on earth! But what about the winter? What unique experiences await you there in wintertime?

First of all, you will enjoy the privilege to have the island all to yourself, without the visitors who swarm in Santorini during the summer. Everything takes a deeper meaning, every image, every sound, every smell, goes right into your heart – no distractions! You can breathe in the peacefulness, the feeling of the mild, caressing sun and the brisk, rejuvenating wind on your face. So what can you do when you arrive on Santorini during winter?

Stay in a traditional cave house

The best way to get the true feeling of Santorini, whatever the season, is to stay in one of its cave houses, these traditional bioclimatic building structures literally carved into the rock. Coming back from you walks and other activities, this old yet comfortable and luxurious nest will await you like a warm embrace. Let yourself immerse in its warmth and revitalizing comfort.

Walking and trekking at all hours of the day

In the winter, the weather is perfect for walking and trekking, at all hours of the day. The walk from Fira to Firostefani and Imerovigli through the old cobblestone path is the best way to experience the breathtaking view of the Caldera, the volcano and Thirassia Island, and also visit these picturesque villages hanging from the cliffs. Are you bolder? Continue on this path towards the romantic Oia. The scenery is beyond words, and the world-famous sunset awaits you there. One of the best sites to enjoy it is the Goulas (watch tower) of Aghios (St) Nikolaos castle, with the Caldera literally surrounding you. A perfect choice for the sunset is from the terrace of our HELIOS, one of the Santorini Paradise Cave Houses. Staying at HELIOS, you will live the unique experience of enjoying the sunset in your private terrace – Oia and the Caldera all to yourself! The picture of this article depicts just a small fragment of the view from HELIOS terrace.

There are more hiking routes for you, trekkers, not only near the Caldera, but in the inland as well. Some of the most amazing ones are the hiking trails from ancient Thera to Perissa and from Prophet Elias to ancient Thera. And then, of course, after the excitement of the walk, the perfect end of the day is to nestle in a small, picturesque tavern in one of the villages and savor the island’s gastronomic delicacies and the famous local wine.

Can the whole winter experience of Santorini be enclosed in a single article? No way. Stay tuned for our next article, with lots of more winter activities for you to enjoy.