Yes, Oia’s sunset. Of course, Oia’s sunset. The glorious, famous, magnificent, unique Oia’s sunset. This is the first thing anyone in the world will tell you about Santorini. One of the most photographed sunsets of them all. A precious, adorable cliché. But have you witnessed the sunrise from Oia? When almost everybody is still asleep, when the sun in all its glorious colors starts to ascend in the sky, shining its light on the breathtaking scenery of the Caldera, painting the sea, the cliffs, the villages with the whole palette of red and orange, in absolute, mystical silence? And who doesn’t remember a time when, after a whole night out dancing and laughing, we stood at the doorstep of our home to breath in a glorious dawn? Imagine doing just that in Oia! Actually, there is a bar just 2 minutes away from Santorini Paradise Cave Houses, that stays open till dawn! It is called “Kreopoleio” (The butcher’s shop), because that is what it used to be once upon a time! And what about witnessing the rise of the full moon in Oia? What a treat!

And yes, Santorini is so very romantic! The most idyllic spot for weddings, for couples in love, for newlyweds, for getting engaged, especially when you stay in a Caldera cave house. Another precious, adorable cliché. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your visit from the bottom of your heart and have a great time if you come here alone or with friends.

And yes, nowadays you can find lots of houses with jacuzzis and swimming pools if you want to. Tourists demand it more and more, and hosts are obliged to provide them due to competition. But that’s a not so adorable cliché. It spoils the essence and the culture of the landscape. It distorts the traditional architecture. And it makes you miss the most vital, most important, most beautiful gift Santorini so generously offers: the incredibly energizing experience of swimming in its crystal waters.

Bbut what if you want to experience it all, to see both the must-sees and the hidden jems, to enjoy both the clichés and the alternatives? Well, we have a great proposal for you: The Santorini Paradise Cave Houses combine them all. All our cave houses are traditional but different in views and style. All of them are within 1- 3 minutes walking distance from each other.  The BLUE & WHITE and the PARADISE cave houses have stunning views to the sunrise, the Caldera & the volcano. HELIOS and SUNSET TERRACE cave houses give a glorious view to the famous Oia’s sunset, the picturesque port of Ammoudi and Therasia island!  Also, each one of them has a view to a different, very picturesque, part of the village of Oia! So why not stay at two (or three!) different ones while you are here? Indeed, it will be as if you have visited two (or three!) different islands! And you will have the whole experience of this amazing paradise on earth.

Browse through our website, see the different features of each of our cave houses and make the combination that fulfils your heart’s desire. And don’t forget to visit the site’s Guest Area, where you will find all the privileges and discounts our guests enjoy on the island, as well as great tips for things to see and do.