Atlantis is the most famous mythological city in the world. Hundreds of books, movies and theories have been based on the unique myth of Lost Atlantis. And it all began with Plato, the world-famous Greek philosopher, and his reference to a lost ideal city, a city with a great and advanced civilization.

Many parts of the world claim the location of the lost city, but Santorini, in combination with the great volcanic explosion of antiquity, gives one of the most prevalent explanations of the myth. Based on this theory, in early May 2019, the LOST ATLANTIS EXPERIENCE MUSEUM opened its doors to the public, offering a panorama of a fascinating lost world. There, you will have the opportunity to learn about the myth of Atlantis and how it is connected to Santorini, discovering the evidence linking the myth with the eruption of the island’s volcano.  Also, via multiple innovative technology media, you will experience the destruction of Atlantis, exploring multiple digital installations.

And this is only the beginning! Exploring an Interactive Mural, you will learn about Plato’s life and what gave him the inspiration of this ideal city. And more than that, you will be able to ask Plato himself, who, in the form of a Hologram, will tell you all about his philosophy and his theory about lost Atlantis. You will also see the largest Diorama of Atlantis and experience the daily life of its inhabitants by using Augmented Reality technology.

Ready for a thrilling adventure? Relive with all your senses the earthquake, the tsunami and the eruption of the volcano that led to the destruction of Atlantis, through an unprecedented 9D experience!

The museum is located at Megalochori and is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Live the myth!