The place was smack in the middle of Oia.. We’ve got all the easy access from eateries to local products and obviously the excellent view of the waters, landscape, sun and the blue sky! There was like a balcony for sun and moon bathing. A hot tub for use too! The place was clean, cosy and great! There was bread, eggs and milks plus drinks to help ourselves with. Everything u need for cooking to washing are all available. Even toiletries.. Everything was great except for the navigation to the actual place with big baggages. Maria did tasked someone to help with the lugages and guide us to her place. But it was kind of hard to link up and we were too enthusiastic to go check out the place ourselves and that down the stone path with huge baggages was really tiring. Guess we should have waited for her assistant to come with a trolley to move the lugages and guide us to her wonderful place. Overall an excellent place to stay. Would love to come back again and definitely will recommend friends to go too!

Jimmy – AirBnB member