The world has changed. Our concept of working, socializing and travelling has changed. But there are some things that remain the same. One of them is our need for holidays, our desire to relax, to see, feel and experience new places and new adventures, or to return to places that have offered us unforgettable memories.

Greece has been internationally praised for the admirable way of handling the pandemic. Forbes, the internationally recognized business magazine, refers to this great success, stressing the fact that the strict lockdown imposed by the authorities and the firm measures for opening the country’s doors to tourism are considered admirable worldwide.

Here in Greece, summer is not only about the sun and the sea; it is also about the people you love, the contact with nature. It is about freedom. And these you can enjoy here not only in the summer, but all year round!

Santorini will be different this year. New protocols will be implemented in restaurants, cafes, beaches and beach bars, so that visitors can feel absolutely safe and let themselves unwind and enjoy their vacations. And here comes the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this year: no crowds!  Fewer visitors are expected, and anyone who has walked in Oia at sunset time can easily understand what kind of benefit this is!

Imagine mounting the time machine and reliving the glorious days of the seventies, experiencing Santorini as it was when it first became so famous: amazing, unique and not crowded!

So come and live the magic. Come to Santorini and experience the Greek Summer State of Mind any time. It is here 365 days a year.

We, at Santorini Paradise Cave Houses, firmly apply the updated protocol about Covit 19 and take every possible measure and precaution to make you feel safe and at home, not only because it is required by law, but also because we really care.