The amazing Vlychada, the most atmospheric beach of Santorini, is located in the southern coast of the island, at a distance of 13 kilometers from Fira, and it is easily accessed by car. When you see this beach for the first time, you won’t believe your own eyes – you will be sure you watch a science fiction movie. Lunar landscape, volcanic rocks, exotic atmosphere. Over the centuries, the waves, the wind and the rain have carved a series of sculptures on the imposing volcanic cliffs overlooking the beach, as if created by an ancient Master.

Lengthy, with fine black volcanic sand and dark pebbles, Vlychada is one of Santorini’s less crowded beaches, so it is relatively quiet. You can swim and relax there for hours, basking under the sun, gazing at the endless blue of the Aegean, breathing in the amazing landscape surrounding you.  You can choose to stay at the beginning of the beach, the part organized with sun beds and straw umbrellas, or to go further towards the end if you prefer more privacy.

Also, at the beginning of the beach, you will find a fully equipped canteen. It is located at the entrance of the old Nomikos tomato factory which has now been turned into an excellent cultural center. You must have spotted its imposing chimneys from afar once you arrived.  The canteen is fully equipped with all the necessary for a long stay on the beach. If you intend to go towards the end of the beach, it would be a good idea to purchase some supplies before you start.

In the area of Vlychada, you will also find the exotic Eros beach. Surrounded by a landscape of extraordinary beauty, the Theros Wave Bar in this beach is the perfect all day destination throughout the summer. Romantic, elegant, cheerful and welcoming, it has been voted as one of the best beach bars in the Mediterranean. It is also ideal for events, weddings, parties and receptions. The guests of Santorini Paradise Cave Houses, by showing their Privilege Card, can enjoy free use of straw umbrellas and shaded outdoor beds (50 € cost).

Feeling hungry? In the area of ​​Vlychada, in the picturesque small harbor before the beach, you will find some fish taverns by the sea. And further up, overlooking the harbor, is the famous and awarded tavern To Psaraki, offering a variety of delicious local dishes. Don’t miss it!

So, even if you plan to stay on Santorini for only a few days, definitely go to Vlychada. Merely witnessing the natural wonder of the landscape makes it really worthwhile.