What are you waiting for? You’ve found the most epic place to keep your bags while you are able to explore the streets and alley ways of Oia, Santorini. And watch all the people clambering for the most picturesque photos while you lounge about on your porch! Maria’s team is grade A spectacular from all the great tips to breakfast every morning at 9am to daily cleaning of the the living spaces. Each morning we were also treated to a local travel tip, “what are your plans?” And then those plans would be added to! Haha:) So wonderful. The “extras” are too much to list; a Private I say again a Private 3 table balcony with a view of the world famous sunset! That was an unexpected treat with a bottle of wine and a bag of potato chips! I’m not sure how they knew the route to my wife and I’s heart but bubbly and chips with that sunset! Oh my, heaven. The steps of Ammoudi Bay were just a few short steps from the Helios Cave House as well. My traveler tip for this place is to spend a while during the peak time of the day on your porch snacking and drinking while letting the other tourists unknowingly show you all the prime photo spots!:) Maria and her team have created what Airbnb has set out to be. BRAVO! Until next time. Thank You

Ruben – Airbnb member