Project Description


There are many exotic places to go swimming, sandy or with volcanic rocks, all over the island. One could go to Ammoudi, a very picturesque beach near Oia by going down a number of steps but the few little picturesque taverns compensate you.
If you hire a motorbike or a car, there are three beaches 5-10 minutes’ drive from home.

To visit the following beaches you need a vehicle.

Ammoudi (below Oia)

You can go there by car or going down many steps. Once you reach the little port of Ammoudi, you pass by some nice, picturesque tavernas to go to a very wild beach, where you sunbathe on black lava rocks. It is where you can jump off rocks into the water! The view is fantastic. There is a beautiful little church St Nicolas and swimming around it is very pleasant! (Not very suitable for a very young child due to extreme temperature conditions and difficult access). In the evening the little tavernas are very romantic. If you make -literally- 4 steps from the house you can see a beautiful little church built on a tiny island at Amoudi. You can swim and sunbathe there.


(near Oia, nudist beach) the volcanic rock on the beach is grandiose. The sea there becomes deep if you walk in for 2-3 meters.


Red and White beach


Very wide black sand beach


Fine black sand beach near the airport


black sandy beach,  solid formations of lava aches sculptured by the wind, the rain and the sea

About the famous trip to the volcano:

There are 2 trips to the volcano. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I should inform you that it is a bit tiring (hat, walking shoes and a bottle of water are necessities). If you have the chance, take a swim in the hot waters of the volcano. It is an amazing experience. You will feel full of energy and very happy afterwards! You will feel rejuvenated!

The village of Oia is famous for its idyllic sunset! The house is 3 minutes’ walk from the “sunset point” at the Castle. I also suggest that you see the sunrise (you are able to see it from the patio of the house). If you manage to wake up early or sleep very-very late (!), it will be an experience!