As the summer ripens into a mellow autumn, Santorini holds treasures in abundance for its visitors. Actually, there are so many who claim that the first two weeks of October is the best period for all kinds of tourists. Why is that? Lots and lots of reasons!

First of all, there are a lot less visitors, wherever you go: in the streets, on the beaches, in the stores, restaurants and bars, everything is less crowded, calmer, more peaceful, more relaxed. Then, the service is better and the prices definitely lower, also for accommodations. And the nature holds many rewards: the sun is mellower, the sea is still warm, the weather is milder, the heat has retreated and the winds are softer. The colors, the light and shades of the landscape, are incredible: nature is bathed in a copper-gold palette – a feast for the eye, and so are the photos taken.

But don’t think, not even for a moment, that there aren’t other interesting activities going on in the island during autumn. Just read the following:


The 5th Santorini Experience

On October 4-6 2019, the ultimate sports experience comes for the 5th consecutive year in one of the most sought-after tourist destinations around the globe! Santorini gives the world the opportunity to discover the island’s sports tourism through the “Santorini Experience” event, with unique running and swimming races

Run along the Caldera!

On Saturday October 5, runners will have the opportunity to enjoy the three established routes on the Caldera, overlooking its fascinating landscape: the volcano and the background scenery of Imerovigli, Firostefani and Oia. There is the 5km route, for running and dynamic walking, the 10km for those more experienced in distances and the 15km route for those who love strength, endurance and adrenaline. All routes start from and finish in Oia. The running routes are designed by the former marathon runner, Greek classic route record holder Nikos Polias.

Join the International Open Swimming Competition

The unique volcanic energy is one of the elements that make the swimming race of “Santorini Experience” stand out. Participants in this race will have the opportunity to swim the 1.5 miles (2.4 km) route from the volcano to the old port of Fira, with the imposing view of the island surrounding them.

If you do not want to participate, this is definitely worth watching! And finally, for the football lovers, there is a rare opportunity!


Real Madrid comes to Santorini!

In the framework of “Santorini Experience”, head coaches from the academies of Real Madrid will visit Santorini for the first time from October 3-6, 2019 and teach football to children aged between 6 and 16, using the coaching methodologies of Los Merengues!

Now, do you really want to miss all this?