Santorini is the Greek version of Napa Valley (California) with lots of wineries to visit and lots of wine to taste. Even during your walk, you will come across old men selling their homemade wine in plastic water bottles. There are forty native varieties of grapes on the island and it is one of the few self-rooted vineyards in the world. The lack of irrigation is one of the factors that make Santorini vineyard so unique.  The climate in Santorini is the Mediterranean with mild winters and cool summers. Also, the evaporation of seawater often covers the island with mist, so this is an easy way for the vines to get some water. We can say that nature is taking care of the required humidity.

 Santorini wine: The History

Santorini is the oldest vineyard in Europe. There is archeological evidence supporting the cultivation of the vine on Santorini, which dates back almost 5000 years. The multiple Volcanic eruptions that took place in the island left behind a mixture of volcanic ash, pumice stone and pieces of solidified lava and sand. All this together make up the soil of Santorini, known as “aspa”. The soil is rich in essential minerals creating wines with a naturally low pH level and high acidity.



Santo Wines

One of the finest wineries of Santorini is situated in the traditional village of Pyrgos, in a wonderful area on the top of the caldera.

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, SantoWines was founded in 1947. Today, it consists of the largest organization of the island representing all the cultivators and counting 1.200 active members.

Santo Wines hosts popular wine tastings and wedding ceremonies as well, as the place is ideal for special events.


Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum

The Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum has everything a visitor would want to know about winemaking. Guests will see the stages of the winemaking process. You will also learn about the range of machinery necessary to make wine all the way through to what is used today including. At the end of the tour, guests will be invited to try special wine in their wine-tasting area.


In Santorini, you will experience the force of nature’s catastrophic power, as well as its inexhaustible capacity for beauty. But I can guarantee you that you will not have a bad glass of wine!